We are on a mission to provide the safe energy
We are on a mission to provide the safe energy
supply and contribute to people’s happiness
by promoting further development.
We are on a mission to provide the safe energy
We, HOKURIKU SEIKI CO., LTD., are bent on proceeding our way
in the business passionately and patiently with enriched creativity
and vigorous mobility to establish secure position in the local community.
We live in a new era where not only developing new products or new business fields,
but also developing new technologies and services are required.
Our challenge keeps going on to enhance the quality of products,
drive down the cost, and strictly keep the delivery date.
We have been committed to the research and development of the
small hydropower generator for the past 20 years.

It is employed not only in Japan, but also overseas, now.
Republic of Philippines Department of Energy Isabel State.

power generationOutput of power generation (max): 50kW ( 25kW x 2 )
Turbine discharge (max): 1.5 m³/sec
Effective head (max): 3m
Patent No.4558055
International patent pending ( in eight countries )

Possible to install
in the artificialditch directly
Simple structure
Reasonable price
Simple installation


Next-generation energy system.
Water in your local town generates power
with No CO2 emission.

Our synchronous generator generates electricity with the gravity of water caused by the difference in elevation between the upper stream and the downstream of an artificial ditch. The output depends on the amount of flowing water and difference in elevation. Our small hydropower generator is the device which effectively transforms the potential energy into mechanical energy and electrical energy. Our small hydropower generator, by the name of “Power Archimedes,” is equipped with a spirally-shaped water wheel, which converts the water flow into torque effectively. That’s the reason why this generator works well in such places where there’s not much water flow nor great height gap.

Low Elevation Type ( Stationary Type )

Low Elevation Type Low Elevation Type

Output of power generation (max): 10kW
Turbine discharge (max): 0.85 m³/sec
Effective head (max): 2.0m

The low elevation type is employed in sewage lines, agricultural watercourses, and drainage in plants, where the difference in elevation is less than 3.5m.

Hanging Type

Hanging Type Hanging Type

Output of power generation (max): 10kW
Turbine discharge (max): 0.85 m3/sec
Effective head (max): 2.03m

This type is hung at the ground still directly and aims to reduce the cost. It is employed at the place, such as an agricultural watercourse, which has the water intake gate at its upper stream.

High Elevation Type

High Elevation Type High Elevation Type

Output of power generation (max): 7.5kW

The high elevation type is employed in sabo dams, streams, and drainage in plants, where the difference in elevation is more than 5m.


MechanismThe magnet has magnet lines that runs from the N pole into S pole. By moving the magnet relative to the coil (by moving the magnet to and away from the coil), the number of magnet lines passing through the coil inside varies. In this case, electromotive force (voltage) occurs, and the current flows when any electric appliance (electric bulb) is connected. This phenomenon was discovered by an Englishman, Faraday, in 1831, which is called the law of electromagnetic induction. The generator utilizes this law for power generation.

Installation example

Asao Power Generation (Japan)
Installation example
Installation example
Output of power generation (max): 12kW
Turbine discharge (max): 0.95 m3/sec
Effective head (max): 2.13m

We are developing a hydropower generator of high output.

Cross-flow type of 70kw from 100kw

Micro hydropower generator

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Small-scale hydropower generation
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